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April 29, 2019

April 10, 2019

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June 9, 2019


white hat:

we met at the house of three regular participants. this was the last session of the series I'm running for the MA - the topic was the Charter for Compassion, which is a sort of platform for promoting compassion as grassroots activism. i turned up ea...

April 29, 2019

Sat 27th Apr


WHITE HAT:this was our fourth session. We were late getting into the venue, and when we got in we decided to not use the main hall as the acoustics were not great (very echoey) but set up in the kitchen instead. There were 6 of us presenting and 1...

April 10, 2019


On Friday (6th) we held the third lesson, on the history of Exwick. It was very interesting, although not so well attended.

WHITE: We met, although some members found it difficult to find the venue and we started about 30min late. Very cold venue. First up wa...

March 23, 2019


A week ago we made our second lesson, on consciousness. This was a much more open-ended topic - it seems that there is no scientific consensus on what consciousness is - which allowed for much more space for discussion. All of the presentations were really r...

March 2, 2019


So I've decided to commission a second advertisement, while I think the initial promotional stuff I have has helped create a visual identity for the project I think a second campaign can help broaden out the appeal of the project. 

The second designer has com...

March 2, 2019


So we made our first lesson! It all went rather well, considering everything.

WHITE: I arranged a venue which seemed appropriate - humble, a bit of an escape from the world, a place with an outdoor focus. This is where most of my effort went (rather than on mak...

February 4, 2019


So Saturday was the meeting where we chose our first topic... It went surprisingly well (again!) 

7 people showed up, as well as me and D, which makes us 9. We all introduced ourselves, and gave a little information about who we are and where we come from (ge...

January 17, 2019


So Saturday was the first meeting of Exwick Curiosity Club. Well, to be more precise, it was the open/info event to tell people what ECC is, how it might be run and why they should come along. 

I used the meetup app as well as local advertising to promote it,...

January 5, 2019


Well, the new year is here and that means the live project is about to start... well in some ways it has already started in its PCA version, however the Exwick version kicks off with an info session next Saturday (a week today).

The info session is in the com...